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Rising Gen Innovation and Creativity in Family Business

Episode 55 of the Let's Talk Family Enterprise Podcast, hosted by Aileen Miziolek.

An informational image feature a side profile of Perry Gladstone. Perry looks to the right, with a painting behind him and a smile on his face in this portrait, while wearing a beige stripped button down. The text around him in the image shows the information for the podcast episode,
Episode 55 of the Let's Talk Family Enterprise Podcast, with Guest Perry Gladstone and Host Aileen Miziolek.

In this episode, Host and Family Enterprise Advisor, Aileen Miziolek, talks with Purpose & Identity Coach Perry Gladstone about how family businesses benefit from Next Gen innovation and creativity while sharing solutions that allow all parties involved to find the agency and support they need to make it happen.

Let’s Talk Family Enterprise, is a podcast that explores the ideas, concepts, and models that best serve Family Enterprise Advisors in supporting their clients.

Key Takeaways

[:26] Aileen Miziolek welcomes Perry Gladstone, purpose and identity coach, and asks him to share a little bit about his varied entrepreneurial background.

[4:58] Upcoming rising gens in family business bring many new identities to family enterprises. Perry shares how this affects companies and how to integrate them best.

[7:51] Starting with values exercises is something Perry does not do; he explains his primary focus and why this technique can prevent conflict through trust-building.

[10:51] Perry speaks to the fear everyone carries in times of change and how facilitation fosters the safety of all participants.

[13:03] Individual work cannot be underestimated in strengthening the family enterprise structure.

[15:44] Perry shares what the dreaming together tool does that the value exercise doesn’t.

[17:37] New generations inevitably come with innovation; Perry shares where he has seen the most success in fostering innovative ideas.

[19:34] Tension between two factions can be mitigated by slowing down time and allowing for experimentation.

[21:59] Perry recaps how strength is built in a family system.

[23:13] Perry discusses the role of the third entity as it relates to ownership.

[24:40] Business owners vs. enterprising family; Perry shares how this might be the first thing to address.

[28:24] Perry shares his recommended resources.

[29:58] Aileen thanks Perry for sharing his knowledge and closes this episode by reminding listeners about the upcoming Family Business Symposium held from May 27th to 29th in Calgary.

You can contact Perry on his website


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