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Aileen Miziolek: Insights and Inspiration for Coaching Family Business Teams

Join Aileen Miziolek as she talks to the Team Coaching Zone Podcast about coaching family business teams.


According to the World Economic Forum 70% of the world’s economy is made up of family businesses and 50% of the global workforce work in those businesses.

Aside from the business case, I am passionate about coaching family businesses and have been looking around for a few buddies to talk things through.

I’m delighted therefore to be joined in Episode #123 of The Team Coaching Zone podcast by a real expert in the field - @Aileen Miziolek, a fellow ORSC Coach (Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching) and a consultant at The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc. who joins me from her home in Toronto, Canada.

In this episode Aileen and I swap stories and talk about:

- the appeal of working with families in business

- the unique challenges of coaching family teams

- Aileen's concept of the Learning Family

- working with Founders and intergenerational dynamics

- the potency of a Relationship Systems Coaching approach

- insights for Team Coaches curious to explore working in this arena

Our conversation begins with Aileen's personal story, which is touching and sets the tone of why this work is so important. Hopefully more Team Coaches will consider jumping into the fray.


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